What's Required:

  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • One digital photo



 Convert Your Photos to Classic Black and White and Other Tints    

One of the classic effects that you can give your photo is a Black and White look.  This short tutorial will show you how to achieve this look (in 6 different ways!) using free software.  It will take only minutes.

Windows Live Photo Gallery, part of the Windows Live Essentials, is the software we will use to do this.  If you do not have it installed yet, please go to http://download.live.com/ and get it.

If you do have Windows Live Photo Gallery installed (or if you just installed it), double click the photo you would like to edit or select it from your Live Photo Gallery.  If it does not open in Windows Live Photo Gallery, right click the file, choose Open With ---> Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Convert photo to black and white

  • View the photo in Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Click Fix to reveal more options for this photo
  • Choose Black and White Effects

This will reveal a palette of Black and White Effects.  There are 6 effects to choose from:

  1. No Filter (classic black and white conversion)
  2. Orange Filter
  3. Sepia Tone
  4. Yellow Filter
  5. Red Filter
  6. Cyan Tone

For an example of the effects, see how the image was processed by each below:

Example of black and white effects in windows live photo gallery

Choose any of the effects.  If you are unhappy, choosing another will convert from the original, color photo before applying the effect.  If you are happy with your change, just close the edit pane or close Windows Live Photo Gallery.  If you are unhappy and want to go back to the original, choose Undo.

There you have it!  Six black and white photo conversion effects in no time -- for free!